What we do

Our business model is very simple we are about linking to entrepreneurs and industry experts.

We have noticed that many entrepreneurs they do not require fund as much as guidance in their business. We have identified two essential business need that should successful entrepreneurs need to have excelled in their business which is Mentorship and Market.

Our platform is aim to equip entrepreneurs with those two essential needs for the business. Our offers two things at moment.

Entrepreneur engaging with Industry experts (Mentor). We call it E to IE(Entrepreneur to Industry Experts/Entrepreneur).
The were guidance and knowledge share will take place on our platform.

Our mentorship platform have three-phase that entrepreneur can choose from.

Beginner Entrepreneurs (idea person)
Entry Level Entrepreneurs (Business which are operational but lack other things such marketing tools, website etc)
Start-Up Entrepreneur (Business that are looking into expanding their business)

Our Profit-sharing e-commerce is a portal focused in encouraging entrepreneurs in different field to build partner selling and share the profit later on. We planned connect Africa through our platform to do collaboration on our portal for selling e.g. we will get two fashion designer to do collaboration and in designing clothes open store on our website to sell them and share profit.