Our business model is very simple we are about linking to entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Back Room Business Mentorship
We have noticed that many entrepreneurs do not require funding as much as guidance in their business. We have identified two essential business need that should successful entrepreneurs need to have in order to excel in the business which is Mentorship and Market.

Back Room Business has embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship development where our solicit aim is to develop local entrepreneurs in becoming major leaders in the future. We believe Mentorship, Partnerships, Skill, and Knowledge transfer will assist us in developing local companies to be sustainable in areas that local companies may not have capabilities and job creation. This platform is will equip entrepreneurs with those two essential needs for the business.

Our Mentorship categorizes into three phases namely:

Beginner Entrepreneurs:
Idea entrepreneurs/business that is operational for less than 8 months.

Entry Level Entrepreneurs:
A business that is over 8 months or 1 year in operation looking for other business needs such as business compliance etc.

Start-Up Entrepreneurs:
A business that is over 2 years in operation and looking into expansion of the business etc.

Market Centre
Our market centre will come into two segment E-Commerce (Profit-Sharing) and Job Bidding (for construction etc).

What is Profit-Sharing?
Profit-Sharing is e-commerce that will provide Mentee to sell their products.

We will encourage our mentees to do collaboration and not compete with one another because we believe that’s what destroys entrepreneurs’ faith its unhealthy competition. Together we can create our own market and share the profit later on. Our mentees will be able to open their e-commerce store on our site.

What is Job-Bidding?
It will be dedicated to finding jobs or sourcing for construction entrepreneurs.

What Our Mentees Have to Say

Never thought I would be able to find so much assistance in just one place. I am glad I signed up.
Kelvin Black
From Mpumalanga
I would highly recommend that if you want a mentor this is the best place to be.
Zasha Swan
From Freestate
Second to none I highly recommend that you use the platform.
Frank Jones
From North West
Couldnt have made a better decision than to sign up I have made so many advancements in my business.
Jack Brownn
From KZN