Learn from Industry Experts

With many industry experts available for you to interact with you will surely be able to find the right mentor or mentee for your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Beginner Entrepreneur

On this phase which has allocated entrepreneurs with mentors who are good and have experience with theory. Our mentors will help young or entrepreneurs on how to develop their business idea to becoming a reality.

Entry Level Entrepreneur

With this phase a mentee will be able to choose a mentor who is working from any company, it can be CEO any well established business. This phase is meant for a business which could require other support such as a marketing tool etc. Our mentor on this phase will have a wealth of knowledge because they work next to entrepreneurs on a daily basis gaining trust to execute any task given to them.

Start up Entrepreneur

On this phase we have the real entrepreneur who has built teams and also built a business. If your business is looking to expand its operation or shall need any assistance from experienced entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurs on this phase are equipped with wealth of knowledge, experience and they also practice what they preach.